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Future Posts

I’ve shifted photos of my work to my Facebook page: or click on the FB box in the right-hand menu. All my updates will be posted there, if you are interested in following.  A FB page is much easier to update than a blog!




Around the Bases!

ATB CAL finished! 16 weeks, 70 rows, 66″ across. The center square is the “Sweet and Fair Afghan Square” on Ravelry. Hat tip to Nancy’s Nice Knots of Crochet for the idea for the color scheme, which is Caron One Pound skeins in white, lace, soft sage and pale green. Many thanks to ChiChi at Keito Palette blog for this wonderful pattern!

That little critter isn’t a weasel, it’s my cat.



ATB-finished5 ATB-finished4 ATB-finished3 ATB-finished2

Sophie’s Universe 2

I’ve also been plugging away at Sophie’s Universe.  (The pattern info is in my first blog post about this here.)  This is a difficult and intricate pattern – at least to me – but I’m really enjoying the challenge and learning so many new things!  Here we are through Part 4:

Sophie's Universe through Part 4

Sophie’s Universe through Part 4

Fortune’s Shawlette

Lovely pattern from Tamara Kelly on  This is called Fortune’s Shawlette.   I got the yarn while I was visiting my sisters in Wisconsin last month. Came across a little yarn store and made them go in with me. Found this yummy yarn, but didn’t buy enough to do much else with it.  The yarn is thicker than what her pattern calls for; that’s why it’s not as airy as the original photo.